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Backfill & Re-instatement - including concreting and bitumen/asphalt reinstatement.


Supply and Transport of Backfill Material


Clearing and Building of Access Tracks and Work Areas (Hard Stands)


Installation and / or Removal of Rag Bolt Cage Footings


Installation of Pits and Conduits


Concrete and Bitumen Cutting




Compactor (Wacker Packer)




Temporary Fencing – Available for Hire

We can reduce time spent and costs organising individual contractors, with one phone call to us, we organise electronic locators, concrete/bitumen cutting, directional boring, barricading & temporary fencing, mini excavators, backfill and re-instatement.

The Vac Bora backfill and reinstatement services include: 

IMG_1677 (002)
IMG_9774 (002)
IMG_2167 (002)
IMG_2166 (004)
Tipper + Skid Steer
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