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The Vac Bora team are equipped to perform the following minor civil works:

Concrete and Bitumen Cutting



Compactor (Wacker Packer)


Barricading – Temporary Fencing


Clearing and Building of Access Tracks and Work Areas


Power Pole and Concrete Footing Removal


Installation and Removal of Pits, Conduits, Rag Bolt Cage Footings


Backfill and Reinstatement

IMG_2166 (002)
IMG_0061 (002)
IMG_2180 (002)
IMG_0060 (002)
IMG_9774 (002)
IMG_1677 (002)
IMG_2054 (002)
IMG_2056 (002)
IMG_2055 (002)
Rag Bolt Cage
Rag Bolt Cage
Civil Works
Hard Ground Conditions
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